Application Process

NAV CANADA uses a five-step selection process. You must successfully complete a step before becoming eligible to move on to the next one.

Successfully completing a hurdle does not guarantee that you will be invited to participate in the next step. We always invite the applicants that are the best fit to advance – regardless of when they applied.

Here’s what to expect in the selection process:

Fill Out the Application

You’ll start by providing your personal details, including academic and professional histories. We’ll also ask you to complete a short essay, which will help us understand your motivation in pursuing a career in air traffic services and evaluate basic writing skills.

Complete Online Testing

In the next step, you’ll complete an online test. Take this cognitive test seriously as it is the first major hurdle. Approximately 40 per cent of applicants are successful at this stage.

In-person Assessment

When we anticipate a need for trainees in a region, we will hold an in-person assessment session. Those who performed well at the previous stages will be invited. Though you may have been successful in the previous hurdle, there’s no guarantee you’ll be invited to a session as seating is limited and we always invite the top candidates in the pool of applicants.

This session lasts approximately four hours and includes a paper-based simulation. Other components of the tests seek to evaluate the following abilities:

The assessment session includes a variety of tests that measure:

1. Thinking and reasoning
2. Communication
4. Attention
5. Information processing
6. Memory
7. Knowledge

Approximately 50 per cent of participants are successful at this stage.

Phone Interviews

With key tests behind you, we start to look at your broader profile and your ability to complete an intensive, full-time training program. An experienced subject matter expert will conduct a standardized interview over the phone.

Interview with Training Manager

You’re almost there. This is the last hurdle. You’ll interview with the manager that oversees the program you’ll undertake. They want you to succeed and make sure you have what it takes. Present yourself well and be ready to talk about your life, academic and work experience, providing examples of how you can overcome challenges and solve problems.

Entry into the Candidate Pool

Once you enter the candidate pool, we’ll let you know what career streams you qualify for. If you are selected for training, you’ll be sent a web-based training program that you’ll be expected to know inside-out prior to entering the classroom.