Area Controller

Area controllers, often referred to as instrument flight rules (IFR) controllers, coordinate the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in flight between airports. This means that they safely direct pilots from great distances away.

Area controllers use surveillance displays, flight data processors, and communications systems to ensure that aircraft are kept an adequate distance apart.

Area Controllers are based in area control centres (ACCs), each of which is responsible for air traffic in a large section of Canadian airspace known as a Flight Information Region. Area controllers train and work out of one of the following locations: Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, or Gander.

Phase 1

Classroom, simulator and specialty training: 5 to 7 months
Phase 1 student allowance: $30,000 per year

Phase 2

Specialty training: 4 to 9 months
Phase 2 training salary: $40,700 per year

Phase 3

On the job training: 8 to 14 months
Phase 2 training salary: $40,700 per year

Total duration of training: 17 to 30 months

Approximate salary for a licensed area controller $95,000 to $140,000*

*In addition, you can receive premiums and bonuses related to duties as an on-the-job instructor, working at sites that offer air traffic services in both official languages, taking on supervisory duties, location premiums and evening, weekend and holiday shift premiums.

Total duration of training:
13 to 26 months
Salary range for a licensed area controller:
$95,000 to $140,000