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Area Air Traffic Controller

The Strategist

Take Charge as an Area Controller

Seven area control centres across the country. An airspace that stretches from the east coast to the west coast to the Arctic Circle. Responsibility for thousands of flights every day.

As a NAV CANADA area controller, you’re at the controls of the world’s second-largest air navigation system. Your top priority: ensuring the safety of each and every flight.

What’s in your toolkit? Top air traffic control training. Leading knowledge and finely honed skills. And some of the most advanced technology in the world.

Area air traffic controllers coordinate the safe, efficient and orderly flow of air traffic from seven Area Control Centres (ACCs) across the country. Each ACC is responsible for air traffic in a large section of Canadian airspace known as a Flight Information Region. Flight Information Regions are further broken down into smaller “sectors” and handled by controllers who know that airspace. Using radar and advanced flight data management systems, you track all flights within your sector, give pilots en route instructions, and give terminal clearances at certain airports. When your job is done and a plane leaves your airspace, you’re the one who hands off to your colleague in the next centre, or at an air traffic control tower.

By helping pilots fly the most efficient routes, NAV CANADA area controllers also help reduce fuel consumption—having a positive impact not only on safety but also on the environment.

We’re looking for the best

You don’t need any aviation-related experience or knowledge to become an area air traffic controller. All you need is a sharp mind, readiness to learn, and motivation to join a national company—NAV CANADA—that values teamwork, innovation and excellence. We look for the right candidates and give them the best training in the industry.

A career in air traffic control (ATC) is dynamic, full of on-the-job variety and perked with highly competitive compensation.

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