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FSS Environment

Flight Service Specialists work in Flight Service Stations (FSS) and Flight Information Centres (FIC).

Specialists at Flight Service Stations keep a watchful eye on every departure and arrival, pass traffic information, control vehicles on the ground, and provide runway and weather information. Using radar displays, they also deliver remote airport advisory services to neighbouring facilities.

At the country’s seven FICs, Specialists provide flight planning services, deliver in-depth interpretive weather information and en route advisories to aircraft operating in Canadian airspace. They also notify emergency services when an aircraft is missing or overdue.

As one of nearly 700 Flight Service Specialists in Canada, you’re part of a tight, cooperative NAV CANADA team. We depend on each other. We energize each other. We share in the pride of knowing at the end of each day that we’ve played a key role in making sure people get where they’re going—safely.

If you’re a team-oriented person who likes taking on new challenges and managing fast-changing situations, a career in air traffic services may be right for you.

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