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NAV CANADA is the company that runs Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS). Our job is to deliver essential safety services to the pilots who fly in Canadian airspace. They depend on us to be their critical link in the safety chain.

How do we do this? By providing air traffic control which keeps aircraft safely separated through the use of voice commands, sophisticated technology and approved procedures. We also provide critical flight information, airport advisory services in less busy locations, essential weather briefings, and many other services.

We’re a Company built on innovation, teamwork – and a strong safety culture above all. We’re known for implementing industry-leading procedures and building some of the best technology solutions in the business.

We’re proud to say that our systems have been selected by other international air navigation service providers – including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia – to keep their own skies safe.

With facilities in more than 100 locations across the country, NAV CANADA knows how important it is for our employees to be part of a larger community. As an employer, that means more than great salaries and benefits. It means opportunities for advancement and learning, and a Company that is active in our communities across Canada.

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